Homemade Frappuccinos

I'm a creature of habit when it comes to some things. Like how I like my eggs to be cooked. (Sunny-side up with a runny yolk.) Or chocolate chip cookies. (This recipe is my go-to.) But not when it comes to my morning caffeine.

Some mornings I'll feel like black coffee, plain and simple. Other days, a single shot of expresso. Or a cappuccino. Aromatic single origin coffee from some new raved-about coffee shop can feel nice and decadent. Bodega coffee is perfectly fine too. From time to time, I'll just scrap the coffee thing altogether and do a green tea smoothie.

This week, my go-to morning beverage has been a homemade frappuccino. I don't know where this craving came from, actually. Maybe it was all those grocery shopping trips in the hot sun, which required me to lug home heavy bags while passing by a Starbucks and see all those people relaxing on the bench outside with their big frothy frappuccinos. And thinking, hey, I need one of those, but maybe I could make it better at home.

Made in Brooklyn, Shops

Grady's Cold Brew

Summer is long gone, but I'm still finding myself craving iced coffee in the morning. I blame the radiator. Like many NY apartment dwellers, I have no control over the heat, so once the heat comes on for the season, the entire apartment becomes a furnace unless you leave the windows wide open.

This is where the iced coffee comes in.

Usually, to get my iced coffee fix, I just make enough coffee in the French press for two or three days, then refrigerate what I don't use. But recently I started using Grady's Cold Brew, which I had heard about for a while but never tried. And wow, this stuff is strong. I'm hooked.