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Master's Of Social of Gastromy: Cocktails

  • The Brooklyn Kitchen 100 Frost Street Brooklyn, NY` USA (map)

Join us for MSG (Masters of Social Gastronomy) with The Brooklyn Brainery!

Sarah Lohman of Four Pounds Flour and Jonathan Soma of the Brooklyn Brainery take on a curious food topic and break down the history, science, and stories behind it. This month they will be focusing on Cocktails!

The cocktail is credited as one of America's greatest inventions. But where did it come from, and how did it evolve into the endless combinations we find today? Sarah will be your host in examining the dawn of the cocktail and tracing the origins of some of our country's most beloved imbibements. You'll walk away with a new appreciation for the drinks that got your ancestors drunk. 

Soma will tackle our modern-day obsession with the cocktail. Rules will be broken and assumptions shattered: water vs whiskey, shaken vs stirred, and the One True Way to craft a martini! Find out how egg whites got from your breakfast plate to your highball glass, and whether baseball sized ice cubes make your drinks a sure home run.

PLUS! Everything you've ever wanted to know about the humble straw.

Doors at 6:30
$5, includes 2 beer tickets
Pay at the door, or get tickets online