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The Charted Cheese Wheel


Words cannot express how much I love The Charted Cheese Wheel from Popchart Labs. This illustrated collection of 66 cheeses is broken down by animal and texture. In addition to just being wonderful to look at, it's a great idea-generator for future wine and cheese parties. I'm getting mad cravings for Pont-l'Évêque and Pecorino Sardo just glancing at the chart.

The brilliant designers over at Popchart Labs never stop coming up with infographic prints I want to buy. Thinking this Cocktail Chart of Film & Literature would also look nice in the office or living room.

Design, Made in Brooklyn

Food-Inspired Tote Bags


1. Let’s Make Thai Food Tote, Brooklyn Brainery  2. Momofuku peach tote  3. Pasta Bolognese and Salad Nicoise totes, One & the Same  4. Tiki Bon Shopper, Kate Spade  5. Cheese Survival Kit tote, Brooklyn Slate Co.  6. “Delicious Ices” tote, Gillian Kyle

It’s hard to have enough tote bags, especially if you do as much grocery and food styling prop shopping as I do. I’ve been on the hunt for a cute tote bag designed for chefs and food writers, especially since picnic season is starting up. There are some of my favorites. Now to choose one…


New York Neighborhood Plates from West Elm


I recently saw these New York neighborhood plates on West Elm’s site and fell in love immediately. The whimsical black-and-white line illustrations, drawn by artist James McNally, depict Dumbo, Coney Island, Central Park, and Chelsea. They remind me of both old Saul Steinberg illustrations for the New Yorker and vintage children’s books.

If he does a part II series with Park Slope and Red Hook plates, I would seriously consider using them as wall decor.